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ゴダイゴ加入以前Spirit In Flesh(1971) "Hear My Plea"on YouTube
ゴダイゴ加入以前Spirit In Flesh(1971)"Weight Of The World" on YouTube
You can watch Tommy's CM"The Great Outdoors" on YouTube
You can watch Tommy's CM"Please Hang On" on YouTube
You can watch Tommy's CM"She" on YouTube

"Colors Of The Blues" at Motion Blue YOKOHAMA

HandSonic Demo in English

V-Drum Demo in English

HandSonic Demo

Handsonic 10 Demo at NAMM '07
Roland V-Accordion accompanied with HandSonic 10

V Accordion Ludovic Beier Plays Bass and lead in a trio

パーカッションのお祭りSpot PerKumania 2002

パーカッションのお祭りSpot PerKumania 2004

"Colors Of The Blues"Live pour la Fete De La Musique, '09, a Neuilly Sur Scene

"Love Is Blind"Live at the Fete de la Musique in Neuilly sur Seine, France June 21, 2009

TD-12 Demo in French

Clip from1986


Shanti - "As God Loves You"

Korean CM


Shanti at Cotton Club-Tokyo

Video Blog#1

Kathy's Song

Love Matters

They Can't Take That Away From Me

Closing Time

Killing Me Softly With His Song